700X Pump Control Valve

700X Pump Control Valve

Product Simple Specification

The valve eliminates damaging water surges (hammer) caused when pump starts up and shuts off. The electrically activated valve gradually opens when pump starts up, and slowly closes before the pump is switched off. The valve also operates as a slow control check valve, preventing reverse flow and water hammer when power failure.

Product Specification

The 700X pump control valve is a kind of check valve intended for installation at outlets of pumps in high-rise buildings and other water supply systems to prevent reverse flow of the medium. When the pump is about to stop water supply, the valve first shuts off slowly by about 90% so as to avoid water hammer caused by the sudden shutdown of the pump. When the pump comes to a complete stop, the valve then shuts off completely so as to prevent the reverse flow of water pumped out. This can effectively protect the pump and avoid the reverse rotation caused by the impact of reverse flow. This product is an indispensable protective device at outlets of pumps.It has a streamlined design, can realize precise turning on/off through guidance and is controlled by the solenoid valve. Furthermore, our pump control valve is safe, reliable, effectively avoids water hammer, boasts a long service life and is easy to install and maintain.Pressure Rating: PN10. PN16. PN25/Class150Size Range: DN20mm-DN800mm (3/4" - 32")Test and inspection: GB/T 13927 API598

The Main Appearance Connects Size ~units~mm
DN 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300 350 400 450
L 203 216 241 292 330 356 495 622 698 787 914 978
H1 160 180 200 270 310 320 370 430 480 525 580 635
H 395 405 430 510 560 585 675 730 760 840 910 910

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